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Designing and building furniture affords me the challenge and opportunity to solve problems within a different medium. Following the manta of “Always Be Learning”, woodworking allows one to define clear goals for a project that can be built with multiple techniques, tools, and methods. As an artist and creator, deriving instant feedback whilst having a piece to share with others is priceless. I have practiced improving my skills by building an array of furniture, commissioned pieces, gifts, and prototypes. Commissioned work affords me the ability to learn, solve interesting problems, and buy better tools.

Little Free Library

Neighborhood Book Exchange

In the summer of 2020, I designed, built, and installed a Little Free Library on my block as a community resource for neighbors to share books.

Custom Storage Boxes

Commisioned Build

Four extra large storage boxes built for an existing series of book shelves.

Cedar Planters

Untreated Raised Planters

Three cedar planters built for organic vegetables. Stress tested for scale and weight by Louie & Oliver.

Raised Dog Bowl Holders

Elevated For Improved Digestion

Over the course of the last six years, I have built well over fifty raised dog bowl holders as commissioned work and gifts. Louie tested each one.

Fingerjont Benches

Modern Indoor/Outdoor Seating

Simple and elegant design built with simple materials.

Commissioned Cedar Planters

Rasied With Custom Metal Legs

Custom metal legs were designed, cut, welded to raise the planters whilst also supporting the bottom.