Mohit SantRam is a User Experience & Product Designer based in Brooklyn, New York.


Mohit managed all UX Development at FlightSafety, International, including two designers coordinating with over fifteen developers. Mohit has helped shepherd the team to a focused design ethos, and helped to reduce inconsistent practices. Leveraging numerous full-time and contract projects, Mohit is skilled and experienced in User Experience, Interaction Design, and Product Development. As a former developer, he strives to bridge developers’ needs with the simplicity offered through a consistent design language. Mohit works well with colleagues, encourages and promotes collaboration, and inspires fellow teammates to be mindful of the user in the team’s work.

FlightSafety International’s mission is based upon making flight crews the best safety device on any aircraft. FlightSafety’s client base comprises highly skilled pilots, technicians, and aviation crews who do their job to keep passengers safe. He and his fellow teammate work hard to ensure the customer base have the best tools to learn and succeed. Mohit’s recent projects at FlightSafety include FlightBag, FlightOps, DocCheck, Master Achievement, and a redesign of FlightSafety.com.

Passionate about technology and how it can positively impact out lives, Mohit also enjoys making pizza, woodworking, cooking, swimming, automobiles, and spending time with Louie and Oliver, his Golden Retrievers. He can be found cooking pies Saturdays at Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He, Louie, and Ollie enjoy spending time with family in the Pennsylvania countryside.

Mohit received a Master’s Degree concentrating on User Experience & Interaction Design from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Economics from Gettysburg College.

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