Product Design work samples of my work as an individual contributor and design manager at FlightSafety International.

FlightSafety is a leading aviation training and services company. Founded in 1951, FlightSafety strives train customers to operate their aircraft to the highest level of safety. Building on that foundation, the company is dedicated to safety, its experienced instructors, training effectiveness, leading edge courseware, and advanced-technology simulators and products that provide unmatched realism to train aviation professionals. I was Manager of the User Experience Development from February 2016 to June 2019.

The following are specific examples of my work at FlightSafety International, where I simplified the overall UX, worked as both an individual contributor and a design manager, and designed and developed Content Strategy concepts and data visualizations.

The first example reviews an effort to simplify how users signed into their myFlightSafety account before our redesign. Users were relegated to making one of six decisions from buttons and text links displayed within a 300×100 pixel area. My process included gathering the requisite information from stakeholders, sketching solutions, and iterating through designs with the team. While this was an intermediate solution before was redesigned, it was an initial effort to build trust with the internal stakeholders and the redesign process. An effort that was necessary given our massive website redesign.

The former website. Note the myFlightSafety Log In button and options. My intermediate solutions were displayed in an effort to win trust and slowly bring about further change.

The second example is a redesign of the DocCheck iOS app that was initially design by a design firm named Palador. I have attached their design brief as reference. Please refer to Palador_DocumentCheckin_v3.pdf for their document.

FlightSafety clients would have to verify their identity and and credentials before every training course. For some clients who would often come into particular FlightSafety Learning Centers, this process could be time consuming. To aid this process, the company had an application named DocCheck built. After working through FlightBag, I redesigned DocCheck to bring it inline with our refined design patterns as well as to simplify the document capture process. I have included some concept sketches and a few items from my Competitive Analysis.

A preview of a user’s identification and document credentials.

The third example is a redesign of FlightSafety’s eLearning website. This project began with the writing Functional Specifications with the Product Manager, concepting ideas, iterating through wireframes and UI, and then working through development. At the time of my departure from FlightSafety, we had completed testing a build of the site which should have been launched. At this time, I am not aware of why the redesigned eLearning has not been launched.

A redesigned wireframe of all active eLearning and LiveLearning courses. These wireframes were presented upon InVision, where the team collaborated through the product development lifecycle.

The fourth example is a Technical Site Audit of the former website. Content Strategy was part of my analysis and findings which I presented to the executive leadership within the Technical Site Audit and in my website redesign pitch. Both documents have been included as well.

A breakdown of Content Messaging Guidelines prepared for the redesign.

The fifth example is a concept that began with a few napkin sketches with my former manager, FlightSafety’s CIO. Our Analytics and Data Science team had developed impressive reports which we hoped to utilize to develop a product concept built upon FlightBag Client usage data and training performance results.

Using this data, we hoped to encourage FlightSafety Customers to purchase additional courseware training and instructor led training time within FSI’s simulators. Using this FlightBag InSight data and the accompanying FlightBag InFlight dashboard portal, we hoped to sell compelling, data based reasons, for FlightSafety Clients to purchase additional training for their team.

The attached document showcases a series of slides that would be customized with the aggregate training results for a company’s flight team.