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CD Player Alarm (Multi Functional Objects)

my.jpg28042008020.jpgI’ve came up with the “CD Player Alarm” since I couldn’t find any cd player that is featured ith an Alarm to play the Cd in the market. It is an electronic device that playes Audio CDs and files, set the alarm and record the audio. You can set the Alarm to play a specific audio file/files on specific time. Why does it take this shape? well while doing my reaserch I found out that CD-players work the best when the CD is placed horizentally so the CD reader could scan it properly.  it’s round because CD’s are round as well. 280420080162.jpgThe digital screen is going to be very similar to this one :28042008017.jpg  people.jpgIt will include the time, date but instead of the temp. it’s going to have the Alarm time.There also going to be a space where the name of the file that is playing is being displayed. Why it’s not colorful like cell phones screen? because this one save  battery and there is nothing more than numbers and charachters displayed on this screen.What buttons will be there?on/off button: to switch it on and off.Eject : to open the CD-room which is easier to use.Play/Forw/Rew/stop/pause: To play and control the tracks that you want to play directly without an alarm that plays it automatically.Set/Options/Up arrow/Down arrow: To control the Alarm, date and Time screen. There also going to be an option to record an audio file directly from the microphone that is plugged into the device which you can play directly or when you set the alarm.The device also include: speakers, USB ,1 GB ram, headphones , microphone in.What is it useful for? and who is going to use it?Everyone is able to use it for:1- If you are bored from the usual Alarm sound, you can chose the song or the music that you like to be played on the time you want.2-   During the work, set up the Alarm on the lunch break time and it will play the music that you like to announce the lunch break.3- It could be even romantic. Set the time of the alarm. set with your Boy/Girl friend on the table and pretend like you forgot her/his birthday and the “CD Player Alarm” will play the birthday song followed by other songs of your choice just on time .

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Design of multi-functional device: The Phone Clock Radio

Currently in the market, there are gagets that are multi-function; audio players that plays cds, mp3s and radio. Clocks that have custom alarms settings for buzzer, radio, and cd audio. Phones are cordless with answer machine built-in. Today, many people have 3 or more devices laying around in their rooms (alarm clock, phone, answer machine, caller id and fm/am radio). I’ve decided to design a device that is all in one.

The design of this device is in a shape of a laptop. The screen stands up so when you are sleeping or working at your desk, you are able to see the display without hovering over the device. This device is designed for a person who wants everything without the clutter on their desk.


I was studying the devices i have around the house (ie: answering machine, phone, radio, laptop, clock) and i noticed they were all laying near each other in my room. My room is fairly small and those gagets takes up a lot of space on my desk. Therefore, I grasp their design and tried to condense it into one device; The Phone Clock Radio.


-The phone concept i kept the same. It is portable and cordless. The numbers to dial is on the phone only instead of on the deck. Usually people have their phone laying around the house and is only on deck for charging. That is why i decided to have it on the phone only. If there was a dial on the deck as well, the deck will be cluttered with buttons, especially when there are presets for the radio involved.

-The answer machine (that i own) have many buttons on it that i never use. I kept the ones were used frequently on the deck and the menu for setting up the answering machine (such as greetings) will be automated buy using the dial.

-As for the radio, I love that the snooze button is on the bottom edge and is much larger and a little evelated compared to the other buttons. When my alarm goes off, I am usually still half alseep and just feel for the snooze button and press it. Since it is over sized and elevated, it is easier for the user to press snooze.

-The speakers on my phone, answer machine and clock radio is positioned very awkwardly. It is a big area just dedicated to the speakers. My laptop is different. The speakers are very discreet and is located along the center fold of the screen and keyboard.

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Visual Design of Interactive Software for Older Adults

I found this exasperating, extensive reading on the process of creating a software for Older Adult patients taking medication all together frustrating. To create an effective and very important program for Older adults taking medications has a lot of responsibility as well as care that for it I would never have the patience. The extensive details of each aspect from the input of the users from each session to the work put into designing then redesigning each part of the program felt redundant. Going through the process from this reading was already all too familiar in the small projects we’ve done in class. The information, very thorough and helpful, would be effective for research development in projects in the future as it does give a glimpse into effective design for older adults.

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Nature’s Alarms (Help the Environment AND wake up in the morning)



1. Urban Couples (lack of space for nightstands)
2. Mature Women (usually light sleepers)
3. High Strung & Light Sleepers (usually women)
4. Older Men (at risk for heart attacks)
5. Sound Sleepers (often men)


Two Alarms: Set two different alarms with Nature’s Alarms. Effective for apartment dwellers who only have room for one nightstand, or for a single user who may like to take naps, but not for too long!

Research: Nature’s Alarms clock is the result of many years of difficult and obnoxious alarm clocks in the lives of our researchers and their family members, particularly older women. The next phase will include asking shoppers at random in malls and on streets to fill out questionnaires.


Affordances: Many older people sleep very lightly and do not need a shrieking alarm clock to wake them up. Indeed, it’s best to avoid the attendant risk of heart-attack! The Nature’s Alarms volume does allow for a loud alarm if the consumer prefers.

Constraints: Older people (and people of all ages with poor eyesight) need larger buttons and especially larger labels for the buttons.

Conceptual Model: Our model may have more buttons than are necessary for a younger user, but it is important to have a button for each function, to eliminate confusion. Once an older person becomes befuddled by an electronic device, they are likely to stop trying to use it.

Immediate ease of use and simplicity of labeling was of paramount importance.
Therefore we eliminated some of the more ephemeral features from the regular model: white noise, weather radio, snooze and buzzer. Some of these may be added back in, if further research deems them desirable to a large percentage of our target audience.

Mapping: The Gentle Wake-Up Model has a traditional button on top of the unit. Older people were raised with alarm clocks that needed to be set every night so this is actually more comfortable for them.

Feedback: The LCD display shows the current day, time, whether it is currently AM or PM. It also lists which sounds are set for waking up, and the time it is set to ring.

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ok so i decided to post up my “museum” visit since i haven’t really had time to. this was from the new york auto show. enjoy.img127.jpgimg129.jpgimg130.jpgimg131.jpgimg132.jpgimg133.jpgimg134.jpgimg135.jpgimg136.jpgimg137.jpgimg138.jpgimg144.jpgimg145.jpgimg146.jpgimg147.jpg

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Web page

Hey everyone. We are all in process with our final project but I’m stuck on something. I am a media major and i do want to continue working with graphic design. However, I do creative writing as in poetry and songs, computer designs, drawing, fashion design, graffiti (like bubble letters), picture editing, and like visual advertising/displays (blah blah blah). Now i feel as if i shouldn’t be putting everything on there because its a lot of information. I want to have a focus but i’m not to sure what to focus on since i enjoy doing all of them. I will post up some of my work and i would really appreciate some feedback on what i should highlight and what to exclude. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

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The Design of Everyday Things

The reading really opened my mind to consider how much work is input into making something understandable for a number of users to easily use. There are a number of factors to consider when one is creating a product. You have to create a good model as a designer that can easily be used by consumers. This makes sense as being in this class has taught me to be on both ends of the spectrum of designing something. I have looked at websites I have created and found them easy to use on my own, but when I get outside input, I find that they are harder for others to understand the process of where the links are and how to view the website. Although I have been defensive about my work, when I took another look at it I realized what others said was true. Without something a little more easily understandable, one cannot really understand how to use something. Both chapters in the book have presented the issues that designers and testers go through and the enjoyable antidotes that Norman writes really drives the point through. Design is essentially a long process where you must test and test over again and really have a large audience input for effective design.

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Directed Storytelling

The Directed Storytelling system is an effective way that was somewhat used as we did the Coffee Machine system design. The users in my group would create stories that were based on our personal and collective experiences with machines and coffeeshops. This helped us to figure out a simple design that was not insulting for anyone to use but easily accessible to not complicate the matter of getting a cup of coffee.

The example of how effective this system works with the design of the blackboard online education systems was informative as I have used the system before. I am familiar with how easy blackboard was easy to use, once you got used to the system. I didn’t realize at the time how much work and input was needed for it to be easily used by students and professors. Although the system is not used as much by most of the classes I have taken over the past four years, it was effective in communicating with the professor and accessing class information. Only recently do professors maintain their own websites or use email to communicate with students.

The ending note of the article (or disclaimer) was true when it said that such a system is used when a limited budget or schedule for the design execution. As it states, “your data is only as good as your storytellers.”

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Audience as Co-designer: Participatory Design of HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention Posters in Kenya

What a contrast to have a dry analytical essay and then read about two of the participants and what they’d gone through. Their trials remind me of other situations such as pregnancy out of ‘wedlock’ in America until just the last few decades (even Diana Ross had the song “Love Child”). I know I should be concentrating on the methodology of the team, but the personal stories just blew me away. I like the idea of audience participation—it takes marketing research to its logical extreme. One nice side benefit of the project is that several participants could move on to become local graphic designers.

I guess this also hit home because I just found out that an acquaintance of mine has been HIV + for 10 years and has recently become ill. He’s a graphic designer too. The posters in this country didn’t work for him. Yet what else can you do but try to educate people. And maybe offer free condoms.

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what i saw on a sunday or two (design in ny)


Intermix LogoThe Rug Company LogoWolford LogoGiggle Sign

Window Displays

Window DisplayUNIQLO WindowUNIQLO Window BackBCBGMAXAZRIA WindowRhine Stone WindowSimon Doonan Display


H&M BuildingDKNYCalvin Klein Jeans AdFuze Subway Ad

Aged Type

El SombreroCHEF SuppliesSubway Lamp

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