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1. To understand the importance of effective visual design.

2. To understand and apply the elements and principles of design to sophisticated compositions for both print and internet.

3. To exhibit the ability to create and modify typefaces and use typography in online design.

4. To exhibit the ability to use advanced design principles in digital media creation.

5. To exhibit the ability to use typography, image, space, color, form, and composition and color in an effective manner.

6. To demonstrate the ability to organize visual information and create usable interactive designs.

7. To demonstrate the ability to do design research.

8. Gain understanding of the vocabulary and gain the ability to critically analyze design, and demonstrate the se skills in critique sessions.

This course will be presented using a combination of demonstrations, lectures, readings, handouts, and hands-on practice using the school’s computer workstations.

The study and practice of the language of design in an important step in any form of digital media. This course will prepare students to have a foundation in visual design, and an introduction to the complexities of interactive design and the design issues inherent in web development. Students will take notes, make sketches, complete the assigned readings, and do follow up research on reading assignments. Each reading assignment should involve a page or two of notes, sketches and research taken down in your sketchbook. Please label each reading assignment in your sketchbook and take notes there. Students will complete written summaries and critiques of what they have been assigned to read. These will be collected. In class time will be split between hands-on digital exercises, reviewing existing designs, and discussion. In addition, students must plan to attend open lab and exploration time.

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