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MetroCard Machine System

These are the diagrams I made first…


And this is how actually I thought it would work and replace the current system…


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Staples Logo

I found it interesting to notice that after 2 students in the class created fonts out of paperclips, has anyone noticed that the “L” in the STAPLES logo is made from a staple? staples_logo.jpg

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on yellowpages.

alright, so there was this commercial on for, and i couldnt help but notice the use of the hand as an ‘a’ in their logo.

i believe that this was always the yellowpages logo:


someone must have seen the ‘a’ in the logo formation, and so this was born:


i wonder if i have seen this in the past and it was tucked away in my subconscious somewhere which inspired my creation of the ‘i love you’ from hands.  i’d hate to think that, but its okay.

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on the dyson airblade.

check out this new hand dryer. i think the design is really cool; it caught my attention as soon as i entered the restroom. of course, it also uses less energy than the usual hand dryers and is more hygienic, but its always more fun to focus on the design of an object. at first, i must be honest, i was kind of nervous about walking up to it because i didnt think i would know how to use it and i didnt want to be the dumbass in the bathroom staring at this hand dryer for ten minutes trying to figure it out. but as you can see, there are two simple images on top with simple text, which facilitated my use quite rapidly. i love new things.

since we were talking about internal design as well as external, it might be interesting to check out the website they have a pretty cool overview of the internal mechanisms.

(this photo is not mine; i found it on google images.)


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MetroCard Machine and Emergency Exit

So I work in a supermarket and lately they’ve been installing more shelf-checkout counters which aside from the touch screen has a voice over that directs the customers on  how to check themselves out. I thought maybe it would be a good idea for the metrocard machine but then again, subway stations are so noisy that I don’t know if that would work. 

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The Paper Clip Font

I was watching tv and noticed I playing with a paper clip. I looked down to see what I was doing exactly and noticed I was opening it up and bending it in all sorts of ways. I then decided to create a font inspired by the paper clip. The style of the letters were designed as if the metal paper clip was used to create these letters. I hope the letters can be identifiable as if they were paper clips. The first sketch of letters were a little to round and smooth at the edges. It resembled a piece of thread or ribbon rather than a piece of metal. Therefore I started to re-design the letters with more straight and twisted edges.These are just sketches. The size is not perfected yet. I just wanted to get the shape down first. Few letters were very difficult to create and few letters look very similar to other letters.  cimg4716.JPG cimg4721.JPG

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MET visit

I decided to visit the MET. The last time I went there I was about twelve, so needless to say, it looks pretty different. I didn’t really know what I was looking for, but was drawn to the “Arms and Armor” Exhibit, which features armor from the middle ages. I liked the designs emblazoned on the helmets and chest protectors. They were pretty elaborate and maybe taken for granted (?) since a lot of people design things with computer applications nowadays. Check it out if you’d like…


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Museum Visit

 I decided to vist the MoMA and saw some interesting art however, I tended to favor those with type considering what we have been learning in class so far. There was an Helvetica exhibit there but it wasn’t as big as I would have hoped it would be. Hee are some pictures of the ones I found most interesting. Some of the pictures are paired with with the text so you can read what they are about. Sorry if they are a little blurry.         block-type.jpghelvetica-exhibit.jpgtransition-to-helvetica.jpgsubway-map.jpgtypography.jpgwomen-type.jpgsinage-poster.jpgsignage.jpg2by4-inc.jpg

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Helvetica Exhibit at Moma

50 years of Helvetica- now until March 31, 2008. I just thought some of you may be interested since we watched the film Helvetica in class.

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