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MEDP 299.XX Digital Design and Usability
Hours: 3
Credits: 3

MEDIA 180; MEDIA 161 or MEDP 275; and MEDP 285 or by Permission

Course Description

An intermediate design course with an emphasis on graphic design (typography, layout, legibility), interface design, interaction design, and usability. During the first part of the class, the focus will be on design, type, and composition. The class will examine ways of using illustrations and photographs in layouts as well as advanced tools for graphic design projects and interactive projects. Students focus on letterform, composition, and color, proportion, and how these elements translate to interaction design. Cultural and individual differences, design trends, and design research will be emphasized. The second half of the class shifts to studying the interaction with the design by users. Class work is centered on student projects involving the manipulation of layouts and typography for both print and Internet, while incorporating principles of human factors and strategies for effective human-computer interaction.

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