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Vitalsmarts Trainer Agreement

Join three thousand VitalSmarts coaches online where you can ask a question, exchange ideas and get support from your colleagues. The potential customer trainer participates in the two-day program as a participant and then works for about two days with a master trainer to learn all the delivery skills. Before the first training, one of our VitalSmarts teams helps you develop a deployment plan, including potential appointments for your in-house coaches, to complete their first training programs. There is also an online coach certification as an alternative for those who have completed the first subscriber program. Coach certification is limited to coaches who only provide to employees of their organization. VitalSmart`s global ip rules do not allow your trainers to deliver outside. VitalSmart`s Train-the-Trainer program offers individuals and organizations they serve the following benefits: Each certified coach internally must sign an agreement to provide only within their own organization. Internally certified trainers cannot provide training to other organizations. All certified coaches must sign a Vitalsmarts International Coaches Agreement, and this is effectively a corporate agreement. Therefore, if the coach leaves the organization, the training software and all rights to the training material remain in the client organization and cannot be taken over by the coach.

The client organization may certify another trainer for the use of the materials. While essential conversations and accounts are specific qualification programs, the influencer is a globally proven framework and system that is designed to produce sustainable behaviors and cultural changes. It offers a highly structured framework to deal with all kinds of challenges by developing a permanent change in behavior. Influencer trainings are given over two days, can be followed successively or not and have an option of internal coaching certification. Yes, there is a quick and easy process that helps you get certified either as a crucial account or as an influencer. The process involves either participating in the two-day program or a one-day Companion program and then moving on to the online fast track trainer certification program. Once completed, you will receive a coach certification kit and full access to the trainer area. Access our monthly Certified Coach newsletter and quarterly webinars with best practices to facilitate VitalSmarts courses. 3.4 The customer acknowledges that he is obliged to insequential the company the cancellation of product events by e-mail to Geoff Flemming ( or by mail to Vital Smarts ANZ, PO Box 6022, Vermont South VIC 3133. The customer and the entity agree that the notification is deemed to have been made on the day it is sent to the company.

The website refers to the company`s website that can be accessed from 6. Virtual Content Training. If customer has ordered virtual content training that includes live online training (virtual course directors) and on-demand online training (self-ordered training), this section applies. Customer agrees that it will take all necessary steps to ensure that only customer employees for whom customer has paid the corresponding subscription fee will have access to the content of the virtual training….

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