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University Health Network Collective Agreement

Renewal Agreement: Valid from September 29, 2017 to September 28, 2021. Ratified in May 2019. Signed on May 24, 2019. Medical benefits: The employer pays 75% of the premiums, the worker pays 25% of the premiums of the Blue Cross Extended Health Plan. Benefits were extended to full-time workers aged 65 to 70, based on the same costs as those under 65. Vision: $300 every 24 months in addition to eye exams every two years. . Editor`s Comments: Salary Report: Employees who sign up for a scheduled position are guaranteed at least 4 hours of work or compensation. Vaccinations: If flu vaccinations are recommended for designated establishments or areas and the employee refuses to take them, the employee is reassigned during the period of onset or is placed on leave/leave without pay if reassignment is not possible. Retirement allowance: Employees who opt for the early retirement option (after the announcement of the dismissal) receive 2 weeks` salary for each year of service (plus a proportional amount for each additional sub-year of service) up to a maximum of 52 weeks` salary. Separation assistance: The employee is reimbursed tuition fees of up to USD 3,500 if the employee resigns within 30 days of receipt of the notice of termination. $1,250 if the employee terminates later than 30 days after receipt of the notification.

Standby salary: $3.30 per hour for all standby hours, otherwise called to work ($4.90 per hour for vacation). Union Social Fund: The employer will contribute $7.50 per year, on the first deductibility date in December, to workers for whom a contribution deduction will be paid to benefit from the Union`s Social Fund. University Health Network Health Network and Toronto Rehab. Funeral leave: 4 consecutive days of paid work for the death of the spouse (including the same-sex partner), child, parent, siblings, step-parent, grandparent, grandchild, grandparent of the spouse. 1 day paid to attend the funeral or demoisie of aunt, uncle, niece or nephew. Uniforms/clothing: uniforms provided and replaced by the hospital as required. Old torn uniforms are to be returned to obtain replacements. $25 per year (paid on the first paycheque of each year) if currently no uniform is provided (psychiatric assistant, patient care assistants). . Electrician / Cooler / Mühlenbauer / Plumber / Dampffahner / Sterilisatortechniker.

Sampling rate for wages (currently/stage 2, after 1.65% increase): tool allowance: $115 per year for some exchanges; $60 per year for non-commercial positions that require tools. . Severance pay: separation pay of 2 weeks` pay for a maximum uninterrupted period of service of 20 weeks for employees who resign within 30 days of receipt of termination and termination of the position. 4 weeks` salary for employees who resign more than 30 days after receipt of dismissal. Shift bonus: $1.20 per hour for all hours worked in shifts, where the majority of scheduled hours fall between 3 p.m and 7 a.m and between midnight Friday and midnight Sunday. $4 for each position if the employer temporarily assigns employees to perform classification tasks outside the bargaining unit. Long-Term Care Home Service Accountability Agreement (L-SAA). Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (H-SAA) 2019-20 Toronto (300 hospital staff) and the Union of Canadian Public Employees (CUPE), Local 5001 Mover / Nutritionist, Food Delivery and Catering / Nutrition Doorman, DishwasherServices / Carpenter / Maintenance Mechanic / Locksmith / Electronics Technician / HLK Control Technician Assistant, Nursing Assistant / Rescue Staff / Laboratory Guard / Truck Driver / Inventory Agent / Hardware Receiver / Mat eri as a Management Store Dental Person: Employer pays 75% of premiums, employees pay 25% of premiums for Blue Cross #9 Dental Plan….

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