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Swimming Lesson Agreement

To make sure you or your child has reached the right agreement, please follow the following steps: Go to the Life Leisure website and register for your member account for swimming lessons (if you are unsure or do not have an online account, follow these instructions). This will be the account with which you or your child has booked the lessons you have caught up with. 7. The client agrees that photos and/or videos may be taken by his child during class and accepts the use of such photos by the swimming school for advertising purposes, including on the swimming school`s website, on the Facebook page and on social or print media. The client may revoke the consent granted in this paragraph at any time by communicating in writing to the swimming school. 3. The client acknowledges that he or the client`s child complies with all safety and pooling rules, whether reserved or not, as well as all teaching rules and rules that may be introduced from time to time by the swimming school. (h) all non-trained students must wear three layers above the ground to prevent accidents and leaks. Reusable swimming diapers, disposable swimming diapers, plastic coatings and swimsuits are acceptable diapers. If accidents end up in the water, the rest of the education must be cancelled for that day.

a) After check-in, the customer commits to the day and the exact time of the week for the entire session. The swimming school reserves the right to charge the client $30 for any changes to this schedule, including, but not limited to the client`s requests, to modify the participating student at agreed times or requests to exchange slots with another client or student of the swimming school. All requests from the client to change the agreed schedule are emailed with the swimming school administration team. (a) When the broadcast service is made available by the establishment, guests and their child register upon arrival at the swimming school sign in the pool file. (f) Although the swimming school takes additional safety measures with respect to COVID-19, the swimming school cannot take any guarantees against pool closures, teacher illnesses, client illnesses or any other circumstances that may affect swimming lessons. During this period, all swimming sessions are not refundable. If a lesson or session is cancelled from the swimming school, clients can get credits matching the value of the cancelled lesson or session that can be exchanged for future sessions with the swimming school. (i) At the request of the swimming school, any student aged 16 or under is accompanied at any time by a parent or legal guardian, while he or she will be present on the hotel grounds and a parent or legal guardian for the duration of each pool lesson. The Pro course gives our members much more flexibility in booking and changing between lessons, as well as the opportunity to see your child`s progress through an online member portal. Lockdown hit directly to a point where we should make that transition, but we are now able to put all our swimmers on the Pro trajectory. 8.

The client undertakes not to take courses or to allow his child to take courses while he suffers from a contagious disease or a condition. Swimming school instructors have the right to cancel a student`s participation in a lesson if a client or swimmer is not good enough to participate, at his or her sole discretion. Such cancellations lead to perished lessons that must not be postponed in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

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