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Practical Law Subcontractor Agreement

Even in the case of a small construction project, some work is allocated. In the case of complex construction projects, the possibilities are numerous: contractual agreements are complex, contractual chains are long and extensive, and it is very common for subcontracting and supply contracts to be brought back with the main provisions of the treaty. In other words, the obligations of the principal contractor arising from the main contract are imitated, in whole or in part, in the sub-contract; All or part of it, the subcontracting commitments are reissued in the subcontract, etc. The objective of this approach may be to avoid gaps in commitments and commitments between the various project participants and is clearly the most beneficial for a senior contractor who may have a single responsibility for points on all aspects of the project between him and the employer. Erin represents both small and large companies at all stages of contracting, performance and closing. She advises clients during the tendering and proposal phase by identifying and mitigating potential risks. Erin assists key government contractors and subcontractors in the development, verification and negotiation of government contracts that best protect their interests. It also develops supplier terms that include clauses necessary for the main government contract or subsequent contract steps, as well as clauses promoting the client`s business objectives. Erin combines all of the above skills and advises clients, including private equity funds, the acquisition or sale of government shares or assets. When representing the buyer in these types of transactions, Erin performs due diligence with respect to compliance with orders, identifies for the client any risks of significant liability or suspension or blockage after the acquisition and assists in the development and negotiation of government insurance and guarantees, indemnification clauses and other key clauses in the sales contract and disclosure plans. , to minimize the buyer`s risk. With respect to the seller`s representation, Ms. Toomey assists in responding to due diligence requests, establishing disclosure plans, and verifying and negotiating the provisions of the sales contract relating to the government contract.

As part of the contract, Erin cooperates with public contractors, including protecting their intellectual property rights, meeting equal opportunities requirements, complying with security degassing requirements, and preparing subcontracting plans for small businesses. Ms. Toomey also helps clients respond to government audits and enter into contracts. Erin was a member of the Women`s Board of Directors at Defense – Michigan Chapter, where she was director of tutoring. While the back-to-back principle is relatively direct and in itself undisputed, in practice problems often arise because of the way different contracts are documented. Poorly developed contracts can be difficult to interpret and inevitably lead to tedious and costly quarrels.

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