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Pitt Transfer Agreement

All diplomas must be graduates of the General College Curriculum (GCC). Completion of all GCC courses is not required for transfer; However, all GCC requirements that were not met prior to the transfer must be completed to reach a conclusion. Although all degrees require the GCC, each major may vary in terms of specific needs in mathematics, science, social sciences and foreign languages. Be sure to view the undergraduate course catalog to find the requirements for your intended main part. Recognized Accredited Institutions – The WVU rewards regionally accredited institutions. If you have a question about whether we accept credits from an institution, call us at 304-293-2121 or email The following links show how credits are transferred between Jamestown Business College and Pitt-Bradford. By following the study guide for transfer students, students can complete their two-year studies at the community school with courses that pass at the end of their four-year course. This seamless guide allows the student to determine which courses to take and dispels the guesses on the portability of courses from Community University to Elizabeth City State University.

In many cases, the answer is yes. We try to work with you to help you apply the credits you have already earned. See below how the classes you want to transfer are viewed. Call or send an email if you have any questions. The CCP and many UNC public institutions recommend that students meet at least the basic general educational requirements before moving to a four-year school. However, students are invited to obtain the AA/AS diploma prior to the transfer. Statistics show that students graduating from a community college are more successful than students who change without a degree. Below, you can see how credits are transferred from other institutions and how this credit applies to your degree at the WVU. Whether you`re thinking about the application or already existing, the system needs to make the transmission process simpler and more transparent.

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