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Holiday Rental Agreement Spain

If this is less than three years, on the expiry date of the contract, it is mandatory for the years until the tenancy agreement reaches a minimum of three years, unless the tenant shows up to the lessor, at least thirty days in advance at the time of termination of the contract or one of the renewals, his desire not to extend it. Data Protection Data Protection Data responsibility:Espana Holiday ApsAlgade 334000 RoskildeCompany Registration No. 24238482We have recorded data about you and/or your company. You may have heard of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPRs) that will come into effect on May 25, 2018. We inform you that your data has been stored in a file under the responsibility of Espana Holiday Aps with the Danish company registration number 24 23 84 82, as the processor collects and processes personal data about you as a customer if you have read the “Privacy Policy” and have agreed that Espana holiday can send a newsletter with special offers and you can cancel them at any time. If you use our “Send Me Special Offers and Promotions” subscription or send a request to our website, you agree that this policy applies. What personal data do we collect and for what purpose? If you have read and accepted the privacy policy, we collect and store information (name, email, phone number). (here is “general customer data”). Note that the data is only used for the purposes described. This data is usually used to improve our product, with the sending of special offers in a newsletter. You do not have to approve the attached certificate of authorization and data processing. If we do not hear from you within 30 days, do not tell us about it.

Otherwise, we understand that your data has not been changed, that you inform us of any changes and that we have permission to process them to process your offers and newsletters. Gervasius Invest Aps (Espana Holiday) Alge 33 Roskilde (c) Denmark Gervasius Invest is registered as Aps Company License No. 24238482 © Copyright November 2010-2020 Under new regulations, when you rent in Spain, you must give your tenant the Energy Power Certificate (ePC). This includes both short-term rents (i.e. vacation apartments) and long-term rents. Non-compliance can lead a lessor to pay fines to the Autonomous Community in which the property is located. Just follow this link to my blog which explains in detail what an EPC is and how to get one. This occurs when the tenant in turn rents premises or parts of the house to third parties. Only partial files are allowed, not entirely. The lessor must give prior written consent.

The subletting must always be lower for a rent below the main one. Subtitles are not entitled to the mandatory or unspoken contract renewals described below, but only to tenants. However, a landlord may be included in the lease agreement to prohibit subletting. During this period, the tenant has the right to terminate the contract after the 6-month expiry.

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