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Investor Note Purchase Agreement

3.1 Closing. The first financial statements (the “initial closing”) of the purchase of the debt securities in return for the consideration paid by each lender are made remotely by exchanging documents and signatures at 10 a.m. .m local time, or at any other time and place that the company and lenders acquire by a majority of the principal amount of the bonds for sale. , orally or in writing. At the first closure, each lender provides the consideration to the entity and the company provides each lender with one or more obligations executed in return for the corresponding consideration made available to the entity. This series examines the change of convertible sola (called “conversion note” in this series of articles). A convertible loan is an instrument often used by start-ups to: (1) finance early growth activities before capital formation through the offering of shares, or (2) the financing of bridges allowing the issuer to finance certain key performance indicators (KPIs) before or in the meantime, a cycle of equity that is applied to an assessment acceptable to all parties. Right to maintain a property on a pro-rata basis: any holder of Preferred (or one or more of its related companies) has the right to acquire its proportionate share of each offer of new securities by the company, subject to the usual exceptions. The proportional share is based on the ratio (x) of the number of common shares held by that holder (on a converted basis) to (y) of the fully diluted capitalization of the company (on the basis of the base and exercised).

The second class of convertible bonds may be designated as a class or series of convertible bonds issued pursuant to a central securities purchase agreement. This is sometimes referred to as a “credit facility.” This type of fundraising is commonly used when a single person or institution is the lead or sole negotiator to determine the conditions surrounding a fundraising cycle through the issuance of convertible bonds. This method of fundraising defines all the conditions of the class or series of convertible bonds in the same issue in the ticket purchase contract and all bondholders execute a centralized ticket purchase contract (by analogy with a share purchase contract). In return, the company issues each bondholder a convertible loan that serves only as proof of the principal amount owed, and the convertible bond refers to the bond purchase agreement to determine all other conditions related to the convertible loan. 3.2 Later closure. Each time the subsequent financial statements (all subsequent financial statements), the entity may sell additional debt securities to a lender as selected, subject to the terms of this agreement, provided that the total amount of consideration received by the entity under this agreement does not exceed the amount. All subsequent purchasers of notes are parties to this Agreement and have the right to obtain obligations under this Agreement. Any subsequent closure takes place in the premises agreed by the company or in writing, or in writing, and by the lenders who purchase a majority in the interest of the total amount of the principal of the debt securities to be sold at this later closing, provided, however, that no subsequent conclusions take place above

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