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How To Find My Santander Agreement Number

Unfortunately, we cannot change the number of kilometres of year agreed on a personal purchase contract, which will be taken into account when calculating the guaranteed future value of your vehicle at the beginning of your contract. If you are concerned about your mileage, please contact the distributor first. If you have an agreement on the PCP (Personal Contract Purchase), here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions: your contract number is in your welcome letter/email, just below the date or another message we sent. Click here to see an example letter. If you have a regulated agreement, your settlement number will be calculated in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act (Early Settlement) Regulations 2004. We`ve created a 1-page document to help you understand how we calculate billing figures, you can download a copy here. We are happy to reduce your refunds, and while we consider each case individually, there are a number of factors that we consider before making a decision. Among these factors: If you wish to voluntarily terminate your contract, you can inform us by email. Please send your email to and provide your full name, contract number and phone numbers.

There are a number of settlement options that are the fastest and easiest at your disposal via our secure online payment system. To access this system and make a payment or to view other payment methods such as cheque or money options, click here. Please note that we can only make debit payments online or by credit card from a card registered with the policyholder. Under the Data Protection Act, we can only discuss your financial agreement with you, unless you have specifically designated a third party to speak on your behalf. To designate a third party, please contact our customer service on 0800 085 1759 or click here for a third-party authorization form to complete and return: Your payments usually start one month after the start date of the contract. You will find this date on the first page of your agreement. No, this is only possible in exceptional circumstances. Talk to a member of our customer service team if you would like to discuss this further. Please note that contractual transfers are subject to an account management fee. Please note that we can only make debit payments online or by credit card from a card registered with the policyholder. Santander thank you for giving me good financing of the agreement on my car, I have no problem with this company again. Loan paid early no probs all happy.

Car was in budget car was pre-selected in the apens was good and early payment in separate lump sums reduced repayments and interest resumed… the service was professional from start to finish… Again, thank you very much.

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