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AIDS awareness design

The idea of having user input in order to create effective design in a different cultural setting is driving in the point in understanding the audience that you are designing for. I would be able to make an ad for AIDS awareness in my own culture, no matter how flashy or provocative it is in the US does not mean it translate well overseas. The imagery made by the Kenyan audience-designers  did not speak to me because that sort of context is not effective in my cultural and visual language. However if such images were to go over well with other Kenyans, then the design is effective.

This reading reminded me of the Dezyne Klass reading where the student designers had immersed themselves in Hip hop culture to get a better sense of how it is a strong language and culture that you must really get ‘personal’ with the subject before you do create something based on it. Simply put, it is a matter of knowing your audience and being able to have a conversation with them through effective visual means.

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