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SoundBar for at Home

Audience: Directed to upper middle class/wealthy people who also look to incorporate design into their living room thats mostly already with high end furniture. These people can mostly afford Mies van der Rohe chairs and other fancy stuff. Age: yuppie to pre-retirement.

Research: In the age of multi-faceted media devices, some people have a stereo where they dont use the cassette deck and wish to be able to connect their iPod.

Affordances: The SoundBar is extendable to any kind of media device you use. The individual ad ons are sold separately. You can purchase two, three or even four cd players and snap them on. People with cassette tapes can buy the tape ad on, others who ceased using tape don’t need to worry about it.

Constraints: The Master Ad On needs to come with the sound bar. That is where sound preferences can be set, as well as the alarm and AM/FM radio. If there are many ad ons, the time display might be blocked.

Conceptual Model: A long Sound Bar with electrical tracks on both sides to snap on ad ons. The ad ons can be slided up or down. The SoundBar can come in two lengths to accommodate desired amount of ad ons.


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