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Multifunctional Clock/Alarm/Radio/Cd/Mp3 Player

Audiences: Aim for college students in the 18 – 23 Age range. Accessibility for the 14-18 range as well as the 24-35 range.
This is meant to combine all the basics of an affordable Clock, Alarm, AM/FM Radio (with digital tuning), CD and MP3 Player in one.

Unlike the iPod and Zune/ Mp3 player docking systems, this would include a plug to hook up your mp3 player to this and play your tunes.
You can also play cds while loading the songs into the hard drive to work as an mp3 player itself. The cd player function is kept for older adults who want to just use the cd player and can make it easy for them to upload their songs.

Instead of a touch screen display I’ve decided on a Multi functional button system that can scroll through the number of items shown on the screen. The button pad at the bottom of the machine, underneath the screen itself, allows

The technology I’ve chosen has proven to be difficult to design for all kinds of users to effectively use. I originally wanted to have a touch screen setting but designing a software for it would be too confusing in placing each button on the screen itself. Also to have touch screen ability would be limited in cases of the machine freezing and no cancel button other than what would be on screen would be efficient for the users. I’ve instead made a button pad at the bottom of the machine for users to look at the screen and use the buttons for easier functionality.

Research: There are a number of designs where I’ve based this system on. The biggest inspiration was the dock systems meant for the iPod. There were some designs that had it as a multifunctional dock machine that could function more than a simple speaker system. The only thing is that the designs seemed too complicated for older users to use. The designs were daunting but effective in making me reconsider how I should design the object as simple as possible for the user.

Conceptual Model:


research: orbitipoddockingstation.jpgjansenspeakerstandipod.jpgaxionaxn9905.jpgaxionb.jpg

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