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Multi-functional Object

  • Research: When my younger cousins were over in the past week, I realized that the younger generations are getting used to having the newest technology around more than ever before. I got my first cell phone in high school and it was the biggest deal at the time. Now, my 10 and 13 year old  cousins are texting me and know how to use every feature in the book. Technology has grown so much and it’s just going to keep on growing faster and faster. In my life so far, I already went through cassette players, cd players, mp3 players and ipods. By observing current phones, ipods etc. I realized that these items have features like alarm clocks and answering machines built into them already and there’s really no need to have a different machine for every single different use. People like to have sleek things like the iphone that have a variety of feature on one device. Also I think almost everyone today has some sort of internet access whether its from a pc or laptop. That’s why I decided to create something with the look of my phone (the Samsung ?) where you could flip it two ways, but where you could do many different things. My object would be more or less an ipod, a cell phone, and would have internet access as well.
  • Audience: My multi-function object would be created for the future teenagers/young adults who are still going to want things that are convenient, that have a lot of features, that are easy to use but that look cool at the same time.  
  • Affordances:When the device is closed, it will look like an ipod and take on its features (where you can listen to music, set an alarm…) When you flip it open upwards it will take on the features of a cell phone (where you can make calls, text, check voicemail…) When you flip it open to the side it will look like a mini laptop and will allow you to get access to internet and email… 
  • Constraints: The user will only be able to use certain features depending on how the device is turned or flipped (for example, if it’s on ipod mode, you wont be able to go on the internet or use the phone and so on so forth). 
  • Conceptual Model:When the device is in ipod mode (closed) it will look like a typical ipod with a screen to show what’s playing, and have a typical keypad with the buttons for menu, play, pause… The only difference will be that the keypad will be like a touch screen (like the front of my cell phone). When the device is in the cell phone mode (open upwards) it will have a screen like a regular cellphone on top, and the bottom piece will have a keypad that’s also touch screen (with number buttons, letters, send, end…) When the device is in mini laptop mode (turned to the side) the touch screen that was used for the phone will transfer into a keyboard touch screen.

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