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clockradioCDmP3phone player



-         Phone receiver is for holding and talking.

-         Grooves are for placing the phone receiver.

-         Touch screen buttons are for touching.

-         The CD drive is for pushing in/insertion.


-         The USB port is solely for inserting a USB device.

-         The CD/DVD drive is only for inserting discs.


My device was intended for use in the office. The ideal person is someone who has a lot of down time, but when needed, an important phone call be made.

Conceptual Model

The LED touch screen controls the entire device. If a phone call needs to be made, you press the phone/voicemail button, which then prompts you to enter a phone number, or check the voicemail/answering machine. All of the other options are controlled via the touch screen (mP3 player, CD, clock, radio).

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