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Archive for April 29th, 2008

CD Player Alarm (Multi Functional Objects)

my.jpg28042008020.jpgI’ve came up with the “CD Player Alarm” since I couldn’t find any cd player that is featured ith an Alarm to play the Cd in the market. It is an electronic device that playes Audio CDs and files, set the alarm and record the audio. You can set the Alarm to play a specific audio file/files on specific time. Why does it take this shape? well while doing my reaserch I found out that CD-players work the best when the CD is placed horizentally so the CD reader could scan it properly.  it’s round because CD’s are round as well. 280420080162.jpgThe digital screen is going to be very similar to this one :28042008017.jpg  people.jpgIt will include the time, date but instead of the temp. it’s going to have the Alarm time.There also going to be a space where the name of the file that is playing is being displayed. Why it’s not colorful like cell phones screen? because this one save  battery and there is nothing more than numbers and charachters displayed on this screen.What buttons will be there?on/off button: to switch it on and off.Eject : to open the CD-room which is easier to use.Play/Forw/Rew/stop/pause: To play and control the tracks that you want to play directly without an alarm that plays it automatically.Set/Options/Up arrow/Down arrow: To control the Alarm, date and Time screen. There also going to be an option to record an audio file directly from the microphone that is plugged into the device which you can play directly or when you set the alarm.The device also include: speakers, USB ,1 GB ram, headphones , microphone in.What is it useful for? and who is going to use it?Everyone is able to use it for:1- If you are bored from the usual Alarm sound, you can chose the song or the music that you like to be played on the time you want.2-   During the work, set up the Alarm on the lunch break time and it will play the music that you like to announce the lunch break.3- It could be even romantic. Set the time of the alarm. set with your Boy/Girl friend on the table and pretend like you forgot her/his birthday and the “CD Player Alarm” will play the birthday song followed by other songs of your choice just on time .

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