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Archive for April 28th, 2008

Design of multi-functional device: The Phone Clock Radio

Currently in the market, there are gagets that are multi-function; audio players that plays cds, mp3s and radio. Clocks that have custom alarms settings for buzzer, radio, and cd audio. Phones are cordless with answer machine built-in. Today, many people have 3 or more devices laying around in their rooms (alarm clock, phone, answer machine, caller id and fm/am radio). I’ve decided to design a device that is all in one.

The design of this device is in a shape of a laptop. The screen stands up so when you are sleeping or working at your desk, you are able to see the display without hovering over the device. This device is designed for a person who wants everything without the clutter on their desk.


I was studying the devices i have around the house (ie: answering machine, phone, radio, laptop, clock) and i noticed they were all laying near each other in my room. My room is fairly small and those gagets takes up a lot of space on my desk. Therefore, I grasp their design and tried to condense it into one device; The Phone Clock Radio.


-The phone concept i kept the same. It is portable and cordless. The numbers to dial is on the phone only instead of on the deck. Usually people have their phone laying around the house and is only on deck for charging. That is why i decided to have it on the phone only. If there was a dial on the deck as well, the deck will be cluttered with buttons, especially when there are presets for the radio involved.

-The answer machine (that i own) have many buttons on it that i never use. I kept the ones were used frequently on the deck and the menu for setting up the answering machine (such as greetings) will be automated buy using the dial.

-As for the radio, I love that the snooze button is on the bottom edge and is much larger and a little evelated compared to the other buttons. When my alarm goes off, I am usually still half alseep and just feel for the snooze button and press it. Since it is over sized and elevated, it is easier for the user to press snooze.

-The speakers on my phone, answer machine and clock radio is positioned very awkwardly. It is a big area just dedicated to the speakers. My laptop is different. The speakers are very discreet and is located along the center fold of the screen and keyboard.

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