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Hey everyone. We are all in process with our final project but I’m stuck on something. I am a media major and i do want to continue working with graphic design. However, I do creative writing as in poetry and songs, computer designs, drawing, fashion design, graffiti (like bubble letters), picture editing, and like visual advertising/displays (blah blah blah). Now i feel as if i shouldn’t be putting everything on there because its a lot of information. I want to have a focus but i’m not to sure what to focus on since i enjoy doing all of them. I will post up some of my work and i would really appreciate some feedback on what i should highlight and what to exclude. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

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  1. jcoxeteron Apr 24th 2008 at 4:13 pm

    It all looks good to me. I say put it all up. And I’m practicing what I preach: I have 3 areas of different interests on my site. But I am giving them all equal treatment. (I should downplay one of them: the illustration, but it looks nice giving everything the same amount of space.)

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