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The Design of Everyday Things

The reading really opened my mind to consider how much work is input into making something understandable for a number of users to easily use. There are a number of factors to consider when one is creating a product. You have to create a good model as a designer that can easily be used by consumers. This makes sense as being in this class has taught me to be on both ends of the spectrum of designing something. I have looked at websites I have created and found them easy to use on my own, but when I get outside input, I find that they are harder for others to understand the process of where the links are and how to view the website. Although I have been defensive about my work, when I took another look at it I realized what others said was true. Without something a little more easily understandable, one cannot really understand how to use something. Both chapters in the book have presented the issues that designers and testers go through and the enjoyable antidotes that Norman writes really drives the point through. Design is essentially a long process where you must test and test over again and really have a large audience input for effective design.

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