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Audience as Co-designer: Participatory Design of HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention Posters in Kenya

What a contrast to have a dry analytical essay and then read about two of the participants and what they’d gone through. Their trials remind me of other situations such as pregnancy out of ‘wedlock’ in America until just the last few decades (even Diana Ross had the song “Love Child”). I know I should be concentrating on the methodology of the team, but the personal stories just blew me away. I like the idea of audience participation—it takes marketing research to its logical extreme. One nice side benefit of the project is that several participants could move on to become local graphic designers.

I guess this also hit home because I just found out that an acquaintance of mine has been HIV + for 10 years and has recently become ill. He’s a graphic designer too. The posters in this country didn’t work for him. Yet what else can you do but try to educate people. And maybe offer free condoms.

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