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Archive for April 3rd, 2008

Design and the Elastic Mind

This exhibit is AMAZING. It’s like a mix between art & science.

tree.jpg This tree senses where people are in the room and the current of color gyrates as a result. It’s also solar driven.

monsters.jpg My absolute favorite: software senses your movements and your shadow gets decorated by dragon spikes, a spider in your hair, a shark’s fin and more. It also growls occasionally.

plants.jpg Terrarriums to improve indoor air (which is polluted from things like carpets off-gasing formaldehyde.)

sneakers.jpg So cool: sneakers gather energy from each step you take, store it in batteries, and you can power a lamp from the energy.

table.jpgliquid.jpg There was a video of someone waving a wand in the air—video sensors record their movements, and somehow it gets turned into an item such as this table. The 2nd photo shows an item coming out of the liquid bath where it was made.

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