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Some inspiring Designes


 I’ve travelled overseas and I found this poster. It was for a book festival and the message was “let us read” which is obviously written on the poster in English and Arabic . If you can notice, even if u can’t read Arabic letters the Arabic font has a very similar design to the the English font. The tree is made with drawing of books, pens and berds. I think the birds are there just to make more natural look for the tree. And maybe it is there to symbolize the message that needs to be delivered.



This picture speaks of it’s self. I found it funny and interesting. This restourant used the same design as “Hardees” and replaced the star with a tree! it may not look like it, but ‘Yes’ it is a tree. You may wonder, why is it a tree? the answer is simply that the restourant is called “Lebanese” and the lebanese flag has a tree on it. Here you can see it below.



I found this “car renting company” add and I think it’s simple and eye catching. The arrow key has no symbolic meaning. It was only ment to point to the pictures below. And yet I think it is interesting to see a car key shaped that way.


This is a sign for a tea house store. It remind me of the discussion we had regarding the font (the text) and it’s relation to the place that it referes to. If you notice, the letters are taking the form of a cup! look carefully at the letter “c” for example and you will see a half cup. it is a tea house after all. Good design in my openion.


I didn’t know what this poster was for but I thought it was creative. I think it works the best as an add for a makeup brand. It is just a way to play around with images and make a combination between natural and artificial materials.

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