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U-Scan AKA Self-Checkout Machine

uscan-copy.jpgWell, what can I say I have already expressed to you some of the nightmares I suffer with this machine at work, but Im pretty sure that I have more. I desided to do my timeline in photoshop and it took much longer than anticipated becuase of all the different selections available but, I will post the finished product sometime this week. One of the dreaded screen which I hate that pop up is the “Please wait for an Attendent” screen because it pops up very very often if anything goes “wrong”, (i.e. the item toucing the metal of the belt and not place direcly in the middle, the cust is confused, ID check is needed, Lane has been idle for a period of time and the list goes on…) One of the things that I do not understandis that when a customer is done scanning their coupons the machine says “pleace place the coupons in the coupon slot when you are finished, yet we don’t have a coupon slot so I have too make sure I keep my eye out for coupons that are being walked away for scanned multiple times. I can probably go on and on about this topic but I will end here by saying that I don’t think that they are all bad becuase I use them when there isn’t a long line for it and I get out quickly but that is only because I know how to use it very well. Maybe there should be a standard type invented for all places to use , maybe I will be the one to design it!  🙂

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