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My Font Signs

font-signs.jpgfont-lower-case.jpgfont-upper-case.jpgFirst of all I would like to let you know that I have edited my font a bit and I feel that the letters are much more coherent with onte another. One sad thig that I noticed is that I had a much harder time with getting the lower case to look like I wanted. It is also hard to read when smaller so I prefer my font to be just an upper case font. When looking at my font the curves reminded me of a fairytale so I thought that using my font for a wedding invitation would not be a bad idea. I aslo thought that with fairytales came the little girls that loved to watch them. Since my uppercase A seems to be a mirror image of itself I thought of a mirror and a girls self image and perception of herslef and thought that would be a good ides for a poster. My sketches are just that, sketches! They need some work but I think you can get the idea. I aslo am not to happy with the sketches because I found myself using the lower case letters along with the uppercase. If I were to fix this I would use all uppercase letters, hopefully then I will get a better result.

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