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redesigning earphones.

mymp3.jpgretractable earphonesvolume and caseredesign sketch

Sorry Im late with the post, but here is the redesign of my earphones I had shown in class. I love the sound quality of my Skullcandy earphones and they fit perfectly in my small ears but I just hate the fact that I have had to replace two of the gels since I bought them 2 months ago. They can easily fall off while taking them out of your pocket or bag. This lead me to think of a few i deas which would make my ideal set of earphones, in the perfect world!

In Response to Mo’s comment I added a picture of my actual headphones with the missing ear gel. i would add the volume controller where the current piece of the logo “Skull Candy” is currently on the wire providing easy access without having to take out your MP3 to control the volume!

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  1. msantramon Feb 10th 2008 at 5:34 pm

    your sketches are good, as is your analysis. however, i want you to include a picture of your current headphones. consider taking a photo of someone wearing the headphones and illustrating where the current design breaks down. in your sketches, i want to see more instruction on your proposed solution. you documented what you wanted to do – but you need to highlight where these changes would go on your new headphones. where is the volume device on the headphone cord? point that out on your visual and you will better convey your proposed solution to the viewer.

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