The Wagging Tail: Redesign & Rebranding

Keith wanted to focus his site rebuild on what set his business apart from other pet care centers and boarding services. The quality of his team’s care for client’s dogs, as well as his own, were always at the top of his priorities, along with every member of his team. Additionally, he wanted to attract new customers, as well as giving them a simple way to pre-register and fill out paperwork before coming to the facility. He also wanted an easy to use system that he and his team could maintain without too much assistance from myself after the website had launched.

In 2012 I sat down with Keith Durst, owner of The Wagging Tail, to redesign and rebuild his doggy daycare company’s logo and website.

Over the course of the project, I spoke with clients and employees about what brought them to The Wagging Tail and more importantly, what kept them there. The facilities and convenience of their services was usually top of the list, though customers always talked about the happiness of their pets. How does one measure the happiness in another person and or pet? For most pet owners, our pets are an endless source of love and joy for us, it seems only fitting that we give them the best care that we can. I wanted to highlight the people that make The Wagging Tail special, while also representing what clients could expect for their pets during their visit.

The logo, which featured a drawing of Keith’s German Shepherd, was in need of a refresh. Keith had been practicing law professionally for many years, but it was his German Shepherd who compelled him to start The Wagging Tail. As such, it was vitally important to Keith to keep the image of his Shepherd within the logo. I stripped the outdated copy and drew up a more playful logo. The circle would remain as the company’s icon, but the text needed to be more playful and representative of the brand.



Rebranding The Wagging Tail’s logo whilst retaining some of their original design was important to Keith. Drawing from several sources of inspiration, we updated their branding and image with a bit of playful puppy whimsy.



I worked with Keith to gather all of the necessary materials, images, content, and information that I needed. The images were lacking, so I reshot all of the images for site with some help from a friend and the employees. Fresh images, some taken from the point of view of a dog, will always help current and potential customers evaluate The Wagging Tail’s facilities, employees, and intrinsic value for their services.

Using WordPress as the website CMS, I built the new website quickly, trained the staff to edit content, and incorporated a social media strategy that suited their needs. The Wagging Tail also features two password-protected, live cameras which allow customers to check in on their pets whilst in the care of The Wagging Tail. launched and was met with many happy customers commenting positively on the site redesign. The Wagging Tail is located at 77 Worth Street, New York, NY 10013.

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