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Tooling Agreement Form

All forms of US Legal Forms, the leading publishers of legal forms of nations. If you need Tooling Agreement Sample, accept nothing less than the USlegalâ„¢ brand. “The Forms Professionals Trust â„¢ This is a tool agreement between buyer and seller. The document describes the description of the tools, the replacement value of the tools, the location of the tools and the relationship of the parties in all their stores. All tool objects held by CONTRACTOR are clearly identifiable as belonging to – by a permanent method corresponding to the specific purpose of the tool in a form to be agreed to by the parties. CONTRACTOR shall not use the tools or confidential information for any purpose other than the manufacture of products for any use of the tools for the manufacture of products by the CONTRACTOR or for the sale of products to third parties other than – constitutes a violation of this agreement. The design and content of the tool is considered confidential information. CONTRACTOR must not disclose this confidential information to third parties. If the tooling is manufactured or designed by a third party, CONTRACTOR ensures that that third party treats the design and other information provided as confidential information and that the third party protects the confidential information under the same conditions as the CONTRACTOR. If the third party violates these provisions, the CONTRACTOR is liable for all the resulting damages. – has at any time and for any reason the right to request the provision of an arbitrary tool for – After receiving the notification, CONTRACTOR makes these tooling parts available only for collection in the premises where the tooling is located within ten (10) working days. Removes the tool from the site and supports all collection and loading costs, but CONTRACTOR provides appropriate assistance as needed.

For ADFs and similar documentation, a digital copy of this documentation must be provided within one day of the request for such ADF documentation. If the tooling is ordered by contractor, the contractor provides the confidential specifications necessary for the manufacture of these tools. The contracting parties agree in advance (a) of the organization that presents the design of the tool and b) the costs of designing and manufacturing the tools and c) how to pay for those costs. When the costs are paid, the owner of the tool is the owner. Regardless of the payment of fees, the design of the tool and all of the associated intellectual property is owned in accordance with Article 2 above. AS part of this interim cooperation, CONTRACTOR manufactures in its own factory or will source from third parties as part of this interim cooperation. Tools must include: devices, devices, equipment used in the manufacturing process. In addition, the concept of tool construction (DFA) must be used for the contractor, which refers to the layout of the assembly line and the physical assembly of the product – The procedure for using these tools is provided for in this agreement. Can also acquire the tools needed to manufacture the product and provide these items directly to the CONTRACTOR. These purchased goods are treated as a tool and are treated in accordance with this agreement.

CONTRACTOR is responsible for the maintenance of all tools and must keep all tools in good working condition. CONTRACTOR is responsible for all damage to the tools, except damage caused by regular use. If CONTRACTOR does not provide the tool parts to – after the Article 5 notification has been sent out, CONTRACTOR is required to pay the contractual damages to the

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