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Registration Payment Agreement

I understand that if I overpay the amount owed on my delinquent student account, the university will apply my overpayment to any other amount I owe to the university, including loans from campus students such as the University of Illinois Institutional Loans, Federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Perkins federal loans and credits. Give your credit card number, expiry date and zip code. A copy of your order or a voucher with an authorized signature. Please pay by bank transfer within 24 hours of registration. Please let us know after payment to Then you will receive a confirmation of payment/confirmation letter. Please present the confirmation letter to the meeting place registrar to collect your badge. For more information on using a payment plan, see the student payment plan agreement or contact the Registrar at IDT payments can also be made by fax or mail via our registration form. Complete the form and enter the necessary information in the IDT box in the payment section of the form.

I understand that the University of Illinois is bound by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which prohibits the University of Illinois from disclosing information extracted from my educational data without my written authorization. So if I want the University of Illinois to share my university account information with other people, I understand that I have to allow these people to check my college student account, make payments online and get information about online accounts. These individuals are called authorized payers. You can sign up for registration on the web to pay tuition, fees and textbooks with your Visa, MasterCard or Discover. The university does not accept American Express cards. Online registration and payment procedures are described in the How to Web Registration section. Sign up for the automatic student payment plan. I understand that the assistance described as “estimated” in my grant bonus letter is not an effective or guaranteed payment, it is an estimate of the assistance I can receive if I meet all the requirements set out in this assistance program. It`s not going to work.

I understand that administrative, clerical or billing techniques do not free me from my financial responsibility to pay the correct amount of tuition, fees, room, food and other fees recorded as a result of my enrollment at the University of Illinois. Course fees vary depending on the curriculum and program. Course fees include all course materials, unless otherwise stated. If you do not cash in the debt, your registration will be revoked and any penalties will be imposed. Students can pay by credit card when registering. Other acceptable payment methods are: cheque, payment order, order, inter-departmental transfer (IDT) or organization of a study payment plan through the CPE Registrar. I understand that the University of Illinois uses online billing as an official billing method. I understand that the University of Illinois will send me invoice notifications via email if, the previous month, there are activities (fees, payments, adjustments) on my university student account. These billing notifications asked me to sign up for my student account to display my activity on the student account. To register by mail, please send a completed and signed registration form with payment to: To register online for a course or program, simply add classes to your shopping cart, click the “Check out” button in the top right corner of your screen and follow the starting instructions on the screen.

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