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Moses Lake School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

Board members agreed that it was important to strengthen local control over spending and discipline and to reduce the number of things that state-mandated schools do but do not pay. In the previous contract, the Superintendent`s benefit compensation is based on a formula that derives from the objectives set by both the Board of Directors and the Superintendent at the beginning of the school year. Each bonus must be approved by the school board the following July. As part of the legislation, in order to ensure more resources for schools nationally, the legislature increased the federal property tax levy for schools and also imposed a second tax. In return, the state first limits local taxes to $US 1.50 per $1,000 of the estimated value, although the ceiling has been raised to $2.50 and there is talk of total abolition. Under the terms of the treaty, which was adopted on 1st Meek receives $198,993 per year, plus $25,000 in compensation for the 2019-2020 school year. MOSES LAKE – The Moses Lake School Board voted Thursday to extend Superintendent Josh Meek`s contract by one year until the end of the 2022 school year. “We are incentos to our priorities. I felt that the contract should explicitly reflect what was prioritized by district management, either as part of the contract or in an addendum,” he wrote. In particular, Goodrich said he wanted lawmakers to impose a national pay plan for teachers and administrators, and said the state had given more money for schools a few years ago with the McCleary Fix, but it abolished the national teachers` pay plan and some districts have significantly increased teachers` salaries without providing enough services to teachers. Charles H.

Featherstone is In an email to the Columbia Basin Herald after the meeting, McPartland said his “no” was not “against Dr. Meek or his performance.” The evaluation is calculated on the basis of 6 evaluations and evolves. “If they ask us to do it, they should pay for it,” Goodrich said. Charles H. Featherstone/Columbia Basin Herald Moses Lake School Board members Susan Freeman, Shannon Hintz and Elliott Goodrich speak before Thursday`s session begins. People asked 4 questions about work at Moses Lake School District 161. Discover the answers, explore popular themes and discover unique insights from 161 employees in the Moses Lake School District. Goodrich also stated that it was not just more money and that he did not want the local property tax caps imposed under the McCleary Fix to be removed. We were unable to identify your location.

You can browse through all 3 Moses Lake School District 161 jobs from press time the extended contract was not available for verification. Bryce McPartland, a newly elected member of the board of directors, however, did not support an extension and said he could not vote “in favour of the written treaty.” The board also explained what they wanted to bring to the legislature at the meeting that began two weeks ago.

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