In January 2004, I co-founded Socialight. Socialight began at ITP within the Microsoft Design Expo class which charged us to find a solution for a project for “people, communities, and technology”.


Tasked with finding a design idea that focused on communicating “people-to-people” and privacy, our team wanted to provide people with awareness of friends around them and enable them to get in touch in ways that reflect natural modes of communication. To do so, we set out to take advantage of the most ubiquitous tool available at that time: the mobile phone.


Each week, I worked with Karen Bonna, Michael Sharon, and Dan Melinger to create ideas, sketches, concepts, product prototypes, and a weekly presentation to document our work. We presented our work on a weekly basis to outside product managers, developers, and professors for their feedback.


socialight was a location-aware mobile social networking platform that allowed people to connect with their friends and friends of friends in new, expressive ways. Using the current or past location of friends, the socialight platform provided a number of subtle and overt tools and mobile phones as an interface which enable unique modes of real-time and time-shifted communication.

In September 2004, Dan Melinger and I traveled to present our research work and paper, Socialight: A Mobile Social Networking System, at UbiComp 2004, The Sixth International Ubiquitous Computing in Nottingham, England.

After placing second within our class, we transitioned and launched Socialight into a formal company and began development of our platform, website, and mobile applications. Since the initial research stages in 2004, socialight became a successful startup company and eventually was sold a few years later.


1. Socialight: A Mobile Social Networking System

2. UbiComp 2004

3. UbiComp 2004 Posters

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