People Training For Dogs


Nancy Strouss, founder of People Training For Dogs facilitated my adoption of my dog Angie. She founded People Training For Dogs in 1977 and had helped countless number of dogs and owners. Along with her training and teaching, Nancy has helped to save countless dogs from shelters, temporary homes, and foster situations.


Nancy was experiencing countless problems with her website at the time. She needed to improve her branding and outreach to prospective new clients, while also providing current and timely information to her existing clientele.


I started the process by gathering all of the information about her current site, goals, clientele, and hopes for the website. Nancy had a very specific vision for the site, and wanted to be sure to protect her branding, logo, and presence within the dog training community. I assisted her in re-establishing her web presence, advertising, and redesigning her website. I worked with her to find a visual style that she liked, while also helping her to learn WordPress and be self-sufficient with uploading new content and images, rudimentary maintenance to her CMS, and how to reach out to new clients.


Her new site was launched quickly, and while little has changed visually on the site in the years since deployment. She is comfortable using the site and connecting with her clientele. Along with providing her computer and web training on a volunteer basis, I wanted to do something for her as much as she did so much by uniting me with Angie.


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Nancy competing with dog Devin.